Happy Earth Day from the LBS!

Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic, oh my! 


Happy Earth Day 2013!
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Earth Day and the Louisville Ballet School

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd and here at the Louisville Ballet School we do our part by recycling! Recycling is fast and easy. Read below for more information on how and what you can recycle at the Louisville Ballet School. Please join us in our effort to keep Mother Earth healthy and clean!

If you have any questions about recycling at the Louisville Ballet School, please contact Nicole Sikora, 583-3150 ext. 1. For more information on recycling in Jefferson County click here

Fiber Materials

Paper and cardboard can be recycled at the St. Matthews Front Desk and in the offices Downtown. Examples of what to recycle include, white or mixed office paper, computer paper, file folders and manila and regular envelopes, magazines/catalogs, food-free pizza boxes and frozen dinner boxes, paperboard, and flattened cardboard pieces.

Glass & Plastic

Clean glass and plastic containers and bottles can be recycled Downtown in the green container in the hallway to the costume shop and the orange bin in the break room. Glass and plastic can be recycled at St. Matthews in the blue container labeled plastic and glass in the kitchen area and in the orange bin by the front desk. Glass examples that can be recycled include: clean food and drink bottles and jars (clear, brown, green, blue). Plastic examples: clean clear food packaging, soft drink, bottles and jars marked #1 thru #7 with the recycling symbol are accepted in the program.

Metal & Aluminum

Metal & Aluminum can be recylced in the large trash can labled aluminum recylcing located in the breakroom Downtown. Metal & aluminum can be recycled at St. Matthews in the blue container labled aluminum in the kitchen area. Examples of metal & aluminum that can be recycled include: steel “tin” cans such as soup (rinse and put lids inside), empty aerosol cans (remove plastic lids), clean beverage cans and clean aluminum food containers (flatten to save space if possible).