Louisville Ballet School Listens!

You shared your ideas… now see what we’ve been working to improve!



Louisville Ballet School Listens

Our annual survey, conducted last Spring, provided an excellent opportunity for you to share your thoughts about Louisville Ballet School and for us to be reminded of what we do best – provide quality dance education now and cultivate inspiration to last a lifetime.  It’s also given us a fresh perspective on areas ripe for improvement, and as a result, we also feel inspired to make some changes!Now that we’ve taken the time to examine each piece of feedback in detail, we wanted to share some of our strengths and challenges with all of you.  As a non-profit arts organization, we face formidable circumstances on a daily basis in order to pursue our mission to prepare our students for futures as artists, engaged citizens, audience members, and responsible young men and women.

As a testament to the quality of our programming and our continued commitment to serving our community, our student population of both children and adults has doubled in the past 5 years! With more students, we’ve been able to greatly expand our classes, events and services, but we are always looking for areas to improve in order to serve even more dancers of all ages in new and exciting ways.

Each of our students is part artist, part athlete, and part fun-loving kid.

We will continue to strive to cater to the diverse motivations of all our students while serving the unique needs of each dancer. Our classes are scheduled in a flexible manner to allow each dancer to choose a variety of classes that inspire them while still maintaining a healthy balance with school, family life and extracurricular activities!

Although we are limited by faculty availability and studio space, we are proud to offer close to 100 unique classes for students of all ages each and every week! And because our dancers dreams reach far beyond the studio walls, every youth student at LBS receives ticket vouchers and exclusive discounts to see Louisville Ballet season productions like the Company’s amazing performances of Swan Lake!

Now that everyone is back to school and in the swing of things, it is the perfect time to sign up for an elective class! Students already registered for a ballet class will receive a 50% discount on their first elective class. Please visit the customer portal to register for additional classes.
Toddlers and grown-ups have dancing dreams, too! Check out our Dance Together and Adult class offerings on our website to find out more about fun classes for little ones and kids-at-heart! And be sure to take advantage of exclusive Louisville Ballet subscriber and PALS member discounts!

An outstanding faculty is the cornerstone of a quality dance education.

Your comments were truly heartwarming and illustrated just how much impact an amazing instructor can have on a young dancer’s life. We will continue to celebrate the talents of our faculty members and cultivate their professional development so each student’s experience at Louisville Ballet School is incredibly positive and truly unforgettable.

Click here to learn more about our incredible Faculty!

Communication is key.

As we continue to improve our existing channels of communication, we’ve made plans to implement new ones as well!  Click here for information about subscribing to text message alerts on your phone for late-breaking and urgent school info!

We are family!

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, but in order to sustain a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for our students and their families, we rely on the great work of active and involved LBS families.

You can learn more about PALS on our website, on their Facebook Group page, or on our blog, but you can learn even more by becoming a member and giving back to our incredible LBS family!


If these walls could talk…

they would say that the St. Matthews Studios are in serious and constant need of repairs, updates, and improvements – but, we can’t do it alone!  

Whether you donate your time or treasure, your generosity can take our facilities to the next level! Visit our power2give fundraising project page and join PALS to find out how you can help!

Donations of furniture in good condition, office supplies, and cleaning/ home supplies are tax-deductible and always welcome. Email us to learn more.

It’s a small World Afterall!

Please help us to create a warm, inviting and child-friendly environment for our dancers and their families! We would love to be able to offer cheerful, inspiring hues in our studios, right-sized and functional furniture for families, and new safety equipment to help support and empower our smallest students.

Visit our power2give project page to learn more!