Spring Showcase

Showcase Costume Guidelines

Dancers must come to the theater under-dressed in their leotard and tights, with hair done and make-up already applied.  Make certain the student is properly dressed in street clothes over their dancewear.  Zip-front tops or sweatshirts are highly recommended to avoid interference with make-up and hair.

Please leave hair scrunchies, earrings, and jewelry at home.  Please note, friendship bracelets are considered jewelry. These are not to be worn during dress rehearsal or the actual performance and can easily get lost if they have to be removed back stage.  Please leave all other valuables at home.  If it is not needed for the performance, it does not need to be in the dressing room.  Please label the inside of all leotards, tights and dance shoes with your dancer’s name.

No nail polish should be worn. Please remove all nail polish before arriving at the theatre. If dancers are barefoot for any piece, they should also remove all toenail polish.

Sample checklist of what to pack in your dance bag (please mark all items with your child’s name):

  • Performance tights
  • Leather ballet shoes
  • Make-up, as guidelines require
  • Hair necessities (including bobby pins, ponytail holders, hair nets, hairspray and hair brushes/combs.)
  • Flesh-tone camisole (Optional, but strongly encouraged for those with costume changes)

Costume Guidelines by Program

Please read the following specifications carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Sikora immediately.