Spring Showcase


Spring Showcase

The Spring Showcase is a main stage feature performance designed especially for the students of The Louisville Ballet School. Performers discover the art of storytelling through dance while sharing in the traditions of the full-length classical ballets. As an important aspect of the training offered at The Louisville Ballet School, all Classical Ballet Program through Pre-Professional Program and Complementary Dance Program students are invited to participate in the annual Spring Showcase.  Students who wish to participate must register for the Showcase in addition to their regular technique class(es) to be involved.  Although a student may be enrolled in the Spring Showcase, mandatory attendance at Showcase rehearsals is required in order for any student to be allowed to perform.

Snow White and Rose Red

Saturday, March 19  7:00pm Sunday, March 20  1:30pm

Spring Collection

This program features students in a wide range of dance styles offered in the Complementary Dance Program, including Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Flamenco and Broadway Jazz. Dancers will learn choreography during class time that will be presented on stage as part of the Spring Showcase performance.

Saturday, March 19  7:00pm

Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble Performances

Saturday, March 19  1:30pm Sunday, March 20  1:30pm

Each performance features both classical and contemporary choreography. From classical ballet repertoire to world premiere ballets choreographed by Louisville Ballet Company dancers and Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble members, this program serves to enrich the artistic growth of each young dancer as well as delight audiences. The Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble (LBYE) was founded in 1952 as the Louisville Ballet Civic Company. It is now in its sixty third year as one of the leading classical ballet training companies in the United States.Serving as a platform for young dancers and as the performing wing of The Louisville Ballet School, the LBYE can help pave the way to a career as a professional dancer and/or choreographer.

Registration The Spring Showcase fee to participate is $165 per year. Register by September 6, 2015.  ** EARLY BIRD RATE !! $140 if you register by August 22, 2015 **

The Spring Collection fee to participate is $90 per year. If the student is also registered for the Spring Showcase production of Snow White & Red Rose, the additional Spring Collection fee is waived. Register by January 18, 2016. ** EARLYBIRD RATE !! $75 if you register by January 6, 2016. **  Registration may be completed via the links below, or on your paper registration form.

Register for Spring Collection here!


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