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Dance Together

Dance Together

Young dancers feel the beat and move their feet at these fun dance classes designed just for young children and their caregivers. Learn basic dance steps and bond with your tiny dancer in a 30-minute class. All are welcome – no previous experience required. Classes are designed to be enjoyable, both for caregivers and young children.  (Expectant mamas are also welcome!)

Class Highlights:

  • Basic dance movements improve balance, motor skills, and coordination

  • Fun sensations, sights, and sounds for toddlers

  • Gentle stretches for relaxation and strength-building

  • Connect with your child and  the community

“It’s only natural that dancing calms babies. Their whole uterine existence was a moving experience. Babies crave movement after birth because to them it is the norm. Being still disconcerts babies. They don’t understand it and it frightens them. Movement relaxes them.”

~ Dr. William Sears, MD, American pediatrician, author of more than 30 parenting books

Dance Together I – Caterpillars (Young Toddlers)

Dance Together I is a gentle yet energetic class that provides a great opportunity for the adult and child to bond through the shared experience of movement and music. This class aims to support Cruisers and Early Walkers as they move toward exciting new skills and movement adventures, inch-by-inch. Active and continuous parental involvement in class is key as students join hands and explore dance along with their caregivers.

Children should be dressed in lightweight clothing that promotes freedom of movement and dance with bare feet to encourage healthy foot development and stability. We recommend that dancers have a light snack and are well-hydrated prior to class.

Dance Together II – Butterflies (Toddlers)

Dance Together II helps adventurous toddlers develop their ever-growing repertoire of locomotor and basic movement skills, as well as social skills and creativity. This class aims to challenge Runners and Jumpers capable of following simple and multi-step instructions. Students join hands or dance independently alongside their caregiver as they develop confidence and spread their wings.

Children may continue to follow the Dance Together I dress suggestions or may choose to follow the Primary dress code: Primary Division girls wear a pink leotard, pink crepe skirt, plain white socks, and pink full-sole ballet slippers.  No tights, please.  Hair must be kept off the face and neck.  Boys wear a white tank or t-shirt with black shorts, plain white socks, and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.  We recommend that dancers have a light snack and are well-hydrated prior to class.

(Adults: Gym clothes are best for caregivers as you will work up a light sweat. As oils and dirt from street footwear can damage specialized dance flooring, we recommend that parents dance in bare feet or ballet/jazz shoes.  A bottle of water is usually a good idea, too, but we do have a water fountain.)

Summer Schedule

After a short break, please join us in our cool studios as we beat the heat and move our feet! Dance Together I and II classes will resume for the following Saturdays during the summer with Ms. Julia at our St. Matthews Studios.

Dance Together I from 10:15 – 10:45 am:

June 20th
June 27th
July 4th
July 11th (Cultural Pass Free Dance Day!)
July 18th

Dance Together II from 11:00 – 11:30 am:

June 20th
June 27th
July 4th
July 11th (Cultural Pass Free Dance Day!)
July 18th


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Louisville Ballet School – St. Matthews Studios: 4121 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207

Your first class is free!  

$15 per child Drop-in Class

$55: 4-Class Card

$130: 10-Class Card

Check out our Dance Together I for a sneak peek!