mind. body. balance. Class Descriptions


A fun and challenging class that combines a powerful flow with core strengthening. You will move and feel from the center of your body learning to engage the core more deeply and intentionally in all postures. A rigorous class with time spent holding poses while building strength, focus, self awareness and confidence. All levels welcome!


Pilates helps to connect your body through core stability. Strong abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles are essential for high impact activities such as dance, especially if you have hypermobility. Pilates Matwork strengthens the deepest muscular groups to prevent injuries, and will help you feel the most benefit as you achieve your fitness goals for 2017. Uniform development of the mind and body can help to reduce stress while connecting you to your breath.


Learn ballet basics with this introductory class. This is the perfect class for a true ballet beginner and those who want to refine their knowledge and understanding of ballet terminology, technique and grace.


Classical ballet is known for its graceful movements and precise technique, but it can also be a great workout and forum for artistic expression. The Louisville Ballet School offers ballet for students of all ages and levels of experience.  Whether you danced as a child, or always wanted to, our ballet classes will challenge your body, stimulate your mind, and free your spirit.


This new mbb offering provides a glimpse into the world of modern dance. Our instructor takes a pragmatic approach of training the body, with an emphasis in Kinesiology and how these movements could be applied to ballet or be it's own vocabulary of choreographic tools. This class is a great starting point for any novice dance enthusiast, or a veteran of other dance styles. 


Build endurance, strength, and coordination in a class that emphasizes your individual dance improvement and fitness.  Develop new dance skills in a fast-paced, fun-filled class with the latest moves from the world of popular and theatrical dance.  No prior experience necessary.


Classical tap dance technique updated for modern-day guys and dolls!  No prior experience necessary. We have extended the duration class due to the popularity of this class.  It is now 1 hour & 15 minutes!