2/28/22 Update to Healthy & Safety Guidelines

In response to the declining positivity rate in Jefferson County, projections indicating a continued decline over the coming weeks, and the continued growth of vaccinations for the school-age population, The Louisville Ballet School will implement a mask-optional policy for our students, faculty, staff and families beginning on Monday February 28, 2022. 

The safety of our students, faculty & staff continue to be our top priority. As we enter this mask-optional phase, we will continue to monitor transmission in our community and communicate promptly with families should a change in protocols become necessary.

School leadership, staff and faculty made every effort possible to provide the environment necessary for our students to return to in-person learning in 2020 and we know how much our families have appreciated that – we heard it often! For the past 2+ years, the School employed a layered prevention strategy incorporating multiple protocols that included the Stay Home Policy, masking, hand hygiene, facility cleaning, and physical distancing to name a few. Masking was one layer of many layers in our Health & Safety strategy. While we transition to the mask optional model, other proven protocols will remain in place. 

We are now in a very different place than we were nearly 3 years ago. Vaccinations, boosters and therapeutic treatments are readily available. The School is now in a position to take another step toward normalcy by making masks optional. Students/families and staff can choose whether to wear a mask or not while in our facility* depending on their individual and family health risks, needs, and/or beliefs.

As you may know, nearly all states have lifted mask restrictions, and many school districts across the nation are opting for the mask optional model (including Oldham County and Catholic schools in Louisville and Indiana). We recognize that there are many opinions on this matter, so it is very important for all of us to accept the choices that fellow students, families and staff make on wearing a mask or not. Each person and their choice should be accepted and respected. 

We value and welcome your feedback but we ask that any feedback or concerns regarding this change in policy be directed to the Director of Education or School Principal. We kindly ask that you not engage our faculty or staff members on this matter particularly during our busy periods during Check-In or before/after classes. It is important that we maintain a nurturing and supportive environment that is safe and inclusive to all.

Thank you for the amazing and continued support.


Kristine Orms and Christy Corbitt Krieger

Kristine Orms, Director of Education

Christy Corbitt Krieger, School Principal

*Please note that any dancer taking class in our downtown space, specifically our Pre-Professional levels, will be required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the building, as well as while occupying any common areas. Removing masks may only occur while in the studios.