Dance at Home with Louisville Ballet

Dear Families & Friends of Louisville Ballet,

As an invested member of this community, we are working hard at Louisville Ballet to continue providing access to dance and ballet through on-line learning platforms during this unprecedented time.

Louisville Ballet is pleased to share this Dance at Home Resource Packet with you to help support arts education while schools and businesses are closed and families are spending more time at home. The items included will allow children, families and seniors to keep their minds and bodies active, as well as help build family bonds, during this challenging time of social distancing.

Studies have shown that engaging in dance helps improve overall mood and mental health, increasing levels of serotonin that help fight off anxiety and depression. This should encourage us all to keep dance as a part of our everyday lives.

I always tell my students that when they are having a rough day, to turn on some music and dance. It is good for your body, your brain, your heart and it feeds your soul.

Please stay safe and take care,

Stacey Blakeman 

Director of Community Engagement 

Louisville Ballet Dance at Home Resource Packet