Preview: Reimagining ‘Firebird’ — Louisville Ballet resurrects a classic to give it new life


November 7th, 2017

This weekend, the Louisville Ballet premieres “Stravinsky!,” two pieces set to the music of seminal early 20th-century composer Igor Stravinsky.

The first piece is the George Balanchine classic “Rubies,” originally performed by the New York City Ballet in 1976. It delivers — once again — on artistic director Robert Curran’s early promise to bring Louisville the works from the American master every year.

The other piece is a bold reimagining of “The Firebird.” The ballet, also composed by Stravinsky and originally choreographed by Michel Folkine, is a beloved classic and an important part of the ballet canon. To reimagine it for the Louisville Ballet illustrates Curran’s balancing act to honor ballet’s past while creating its future.

This new “Firebird” comes from Lucas Jervies, a recurring choreographer at the Louisville Ballet since Curran’s tenure began. Jervies has offered us original works like “What Light is to Their Eyes” and last year’s incredible “Human Abstract.”

Insider sat down with the choreographer to discuss the new “Firebird,” how he’s been influenced by studying theater, and the difficulty of recognizing and pushing back against misogyny in the world of ballet.