Stage + Studio, A Louisville Ballet Blog: “Words” by Annie Honebrink

Words are a haven. A rest for the soul. A release for the spirit. Healing for brokenness.   Words are power. Power to heal, soothe, forgive. Power to anger, rile, incite. Words can bring people to their knees—hurting, healing, rejoicing, rebuilding. Funny how sometimes the words not said are the ones that hurt the most. … Continued

Stage + Studio, A Louisville Ballet Blog: “January” by Annie Honebrink

January is a bittersweet month.  Sweet because it is my birth month—and Christmas always goes until my birthday. Bitter because Christmas ends—and Christmas is magic. January is a Goodbye and a Hello. Time to reflect; time to look forward. January is sledding down the trusty old hill even though the grass is still poking through … Continued

Review: Poetry In Motion

By Keith Waits for Arts-Louisville January 23,2018 Mixing artistic disciplines can be risky. Every parody of pretentious modern performance art juxtaposes severe, humorless movement with abstract, portentous spoken word poetry, so you might say it took courage for Robert Curran to set a task of merging spoken word verse with new dances from seven young … Continued

Dance Meets Poetry at the Louisville Ballet

By Jennifer Kiefer for Louisville Magazine Photos by Chris Witzke In the Louisville Ballet’s large studio space on East Main Street, dancers lift up on tiptoes, visible from the lobby through a series of small windows along the outer wall. Orchestral music pulses as a dancer pirouettes across the dark-colored mat, the moves reflected in … Continued