“Moving Forward”: Stage + Studio by Annie Honebrink

My grandma and I used to play make-believe in her upstairs spare room.  She would narrate, and I would act and dance.  There was always a dramatic turn in the story in which I would throw myself to the ground in some sort of despair.  Papa would holler up to us, “what in the heck … Continued

“Giselle”: Stage + Studio by Annie Honebrink

Giselle: Act I One of the beautiful aspects of Giselle is the ability for every person to find a way to relate to the story.  The characters are incredibly human.  Each viewer should be able to find some aspect of his or her own story in Giselle, Albrecht, Myrtha, or any of the characters in … Continued

“From The Grave”: Stage + Studio by Annie Honebrink

Sweeping graves is my favorite cemetery job. I like reading all of the names and dates and imagining the stories each grave has to tell. Gazing over the sea of stone makes me feel small; and yet, there is something strangely comforting in humankind’s shared condition: death. I somehow feel connected to these hundreds of … Continued