Press: Romeo + Juliet Gala Opens Louisville Ballet’s Season of Romance

By Staff For Louisville Magazine August 30, 2018 This year, the Louisville Ballet is dedicating their season to love. Featuring interpretations of Romeo and Juliet, Mozart and Cinderella, the Ballet’s 2018-2019 Season of Romance will be unlike anything before. The season kicks off next week with Romeo + Juliet on September 7 and 8, featuring choreography by Adam … Continued

Press: ‘A season of love.’ Inside Louisville Ballet’s love story for the city

By Kathryn Gregory for The Courier Journal August 29, 2018 It’s a season of love. Romeo and Juliet. The Nutcracker. Cinderella. The 2018-19 Louisville Ballet season is sure to delight, inspire and make audiences swoon with its combination of modern, cutting-edge choreography and lithe, dreamlike storytelling. Led by Artistic and Executive Director Robert Curran, the upcoming season … Continued

Press: Would These Billboards Make You Buy Ballet Tickets?

By Madeline Schrock for Dance Magazine August 17,2018 Earlier this summer, strange billboards and bus-stop ads started popping up around Louisville, Kentucky. A woman, Jessica, was sending public messages—that seemed really personal—to a guy named Chris. Things like, “Chris, maybe we should try role playing” or “Chris, let’s talk about your performance issues.” Theories were … Continued

“Yes”: Stage + Studio by Annie Honebrink

“Do you want to go on an adventure?” he asked me after our second date. I did not hesitate with my enthusiastic “Yes!” We ran through the park, explored a hidden old beat up shed, and trekked through the woods. I was a child again—the world was hope. I was a teenager—my heart was restless. … Continued

Review: Alex Enters The Wood

By Keith Waits for August 4,2018 A mysterious forest populated by magical creatures, a tale told to a younger more innocent character; the idea of a fable for today demands the melding of iconic tropes to a contemporary sensibility. Eli Keel’s Fabled Fragments is popping up once a month all around town, chapter by chapter. … Continued

Review: Rhythms In The Magic

By Kathi E.B. Ellis for August 3, 2018 The penultimate offering of the 2018 Kentucky Shakespeare Festival season is the Louisville Ballet’s third Shakespeare adaptation. This year the team of choreographer Roger Creel and composer Scott Moore take on The Tempest, widely acknowledged as being one of a cluster of Shakespeare’s final plays. As … Continued