Press: My Big Queer Louisville Brag Book

By Deena Lilygren for LEO Weekly

June 12, 2019

A queer-topics writer’s gig is usually a game of “Who’s behaving badly today?” (Spoiler: Kim Davis et al., white gays and TERFs, Republicans and anyone openly weeping about “religious freedom”). But this is Pride season, so it feels right to reflect on how much there is for queer folks to actually be proud of in our city.

Louisville can be a great place to be queer, and it’s because we’ve got workers, y’all.

Our city is full of people with vision and energy that they use to make it a queer-friendlier place for the rest of us.

We’ve got an embarrassment of riches when it comes to queer entertainment staples: The Louisville Pride Foundation, our own chapter of Kentucky Black Pride and Kentuckiana Pride — that’s a lot of pride for one city.

Our best drag venue, Play, showcases our local celebs such as the Louisville Play Mates, as well as nationally-known drag queens. We’ve got a drag king boy band, Boyzz By Knight, an emergent House Ball scene and plenty of gay bars to choose from.

Nightlife is the first thing people think of when the queer social scene comes up, but Louisville has other activities for those looking for enrichment, education or sober spaces.

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