Louisville Ballet’s Relevé Society is the premier young professional arts organization. Members in this group have the opportunity to meet with Louisville Ballet leadership, attend performances and special events, and give back to the organization through volunteer opportunities.




Annual membership is $150, which can be paid all at once, or through two installments of $75. Membership includes the following perks:

  • Two (2) complimentary section PL3 tickets for use at a main-stage production
  • Subscriber pricing for all productions
  • Invitations to Open Rehearsals

Relevé Society Members

Allison Baumann

Melanie Blake

Jillian Boehmann

Charles Buddeke

Natalie Camp

Zacharias David

Jessica Denzik

Beth Ewen

Katherine Harney

Lane Hettich

Sarah Kays

Carrielee Koole

Matthew Koole

Beth Malcom

J.D. Malcom

Carmen Mitchell

John McClelland

Katie McClelland

Holly Neeld

Gina M. Palazzo

Jessica E. Schellenberger

Kristin Sanders

Ariana Shah

Lauren Songer

Meena Thatikunta

Katie Westberry

Anna F. Williams


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Fill out the form below to start your Relevé membership today! Interested in our two-month payment plan? Call Noah Hickerson at (502) 583-3150 x233!