Press: Would These Billboards Make You Buy Ballet Tickets?

By Madeline Schrock for Dance Magazine

August 17,2018

Earlier this summer, strange billboards and bus-stop ads started popping up around Louisville, Kentucky. A woman, Jessica, was sending public messages—that seemed really personal—to a guy named Chris. Things like, “Chris, maybe we should try role playing” or “Chris, let’s talk about your performance issues.”

Theories were tossed around on a Reddit thread as people wondered, Who’s Jessica? Did she purchase these billboards in spite? Was it a marketing ploy for a divorce lawyer? Were Chris and Jessica two local TV news reporters? Or was this simply all a joke?

Turns out, it was none of the above. The billboards are a campaign for Louisville Ballet, created in partnership with Mightily, a local creative firm. What’s the connection? The company is currently promoting its 2018–19 season, which they’ve deemed the Season of Romance. It kicks off September 7 with a brand-new modern-day take on Romeo + Juliet. After running the mysterious billboards, the company changed them to reveal what Chris would need to sit down for: He could save up to 30 percent off ticket prices with the purchase of a subscription. (Jessica must really want to go to the ballet.)

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