Dance for every body.

Louisville Ballet provides community engagement opportunities through a range of in-school programs, student matinees and adult programs. Through our outreach efforts, we’ve shared the artistry of ballet with over 20,000 people throughout our community on an annual basis. With such a wide variety of programming available, Louisville Ballet has dance for every body.

We had so much fun this week! You are a wonderful teacher and my students will remember this experience for sure!

Student Matinees

Join Louisville Ballet for an educational experience at the theater! Educators and students have the opportunity to enjoy a live performance while getting a behind-the-scenes look at ballet and the performing arts. These performances are designed to give students an introduction to classical and contemporary ballet based on the company’s current repertoire.


In-School Programs

Louisville Ballet offers a variety of outreach programs that work with schools during the school day. As children are naturally kinesthetic learners, movement and dance is an excellent way of offering differentiated instruction to your students. The curriculum for all of our in-school programs is based on the National Core Arts Standards in Dance and provide a high quality arts education for students and teachers.


After School + Community Programs

Louisville Ballet is committed to bringing the very best of dance education and ballet programming to schools, community groups and businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We offer enriching community events, workshops and after-school programs while fostering ongoing relationships with several community partners.


Interested in joining the movement?

Louisville Ballet’s Community Engagement Team is always ready to engage in new partnerships! If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us today to discuss your interest at (502) 583-3150 x 251 or by email at!