Dance for EveryBODY

Louisville Ballet provides community engagement programming through a wide range of in-school residencies, performance assemblies, after-school workshops, student matinees, adaptive dance programs, audience engagement initiatives, scholarship opportunities and virtual programming.

Louisville Ballet is committed to serving our community and providing access to the art of ballet. Through our myriad of programs and initiatives, we share the artistry of ballet with over 20,000 people in our community on an annual basis.

Residencies and Workshops

Louisville Ballet offers a variety of residencies and workshops to help support arts education for schools and community partners. As children are naturally kinesthetic learners, movement and dance is an excellent way of offering differentiated instruction to your students. The curriculum for all of our movement programs is based on the National Core Arts Standards in Dance and provide a high quality arts education for students and teachers.


Field Trips and Assemblies

Looking for a unique educational experience? Louisville Ballet offers opportunities to engage with live dance performance through our field trip and assembly programs. Students and Educators are sure to enjoy engaging with our dancers, and discovering the power of movement to communicate thoughts, emotions, and narratives. 


Virtual Programs

Louisville Ballet has dynamic virtual programming to enhance students’ overall educational experience and support high quality arts programming for schools and community partners throughout the Greater Louisville area and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Ballet Bound

Louisville Ballet believes that children should have access to high quality dance education experiences regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, or socio-economic status. Ballet Bound is an initiative of Louisville Ballet providing young dancers from all across Greater Louisville the opportunity to study classical ballet free of charge in a professional setting.



Louisville Ballet is proud to have developed amazing partnerships with various schools, community centers & social service agencies across the region. Follow the links to learn more about programming with Heuser Hearing and Language Academy, King Elementary, Young Elementary and Maryhurst.

Interested in joining the movement?

Louisville Ballet’s Community Engagement Team is always ready to engage in new partnerships! If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us today to discuss your interest at (502) 583-3150 x 251 or by email at!