REVIEW: Louisville Ballet’s ‘Human Abstract’ Remount Overshadowed By Original

March 2nd,2019

This week the Louisville Ballet is back in the Bomhard Theatre with a new look at its 2017 original production, “Human Abstract.” Once again Director/Choreographer Lucas Jervies is grappling with the big human issues of love and loss with a company of seven dancers. But with injury and company exits impacting the ensemble, this is both a re-visioning and resetting as much as it is a remount.

Jervies is excited to be revisiting this piece two years on. It’s “still fresh and I have the distance to look at it objectively,” he said. He’s grateful that the Louisville Ballet is committed to investing in risky work and revisiting it again so soon. He believes that “all remounts should look like this… [I want to] continually review; I would like to do this with all my work. Even with large works already in the repertory of a company.”

As his world view matures and evolves, Jervies wants to continue to explore his dramaturgy. And, unlike a standard revival, when dancers solely learn the steps originated by another dancer, he’s committed to the new dancers bringing their skills and experiences into his collaborative rehearsal studio.

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