School Day Programs

Louisville Ballet offers dynamic Residency and Lecture Demonstration programming that work with schools during the school day. As children are naturally kinesthetic learners, movement and dance is an excellent way of offering differentiated instruction to your students. The curriculum for all of our in-school programs is based on the National Core Arts Standards in Dance and provide a high quality arts education for students and teachers. We are happy to work with teachers on specific needs and tailor our programming to integrate with other academic content. 

Programs Offered

Storytime Dance: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Students explore characters and themes while learning dance vocabulary, developing kinesthetic awareness, and experiencing how movement tells stories.

FEE: $450 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
3 sessions (45 minutes each)

Exploring Movement: Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Students learn how to create, perform, and respond to various styles of movement in this week-long program that incorporates creative, social and folk dances.

FEE: $650 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
5 sessions (60 minutes each)

Math in Motion: 6th through 8th Grade
Middle school students move their bodies while exploring geometry, the number system, expressions and equations, allowing them to innovate ways to solve real life problems using dance and math.

FEE: $500 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
3 sessions (60 minutes each)

Mighty Movers: Preschool
Young learners explore their world through movement and play while developing language acquisition, sensory awareness, self-confidence, and building a strong foundation for life-long learning.

FEE: Varies; averages $2000 for 10 sessions
6-10 sessions (45 minutes each)


Dance 101: 9th through 12th Grade
Students participate in activities designed to increase their ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate dance while identifying connections dance has with global history and other art forms.

FEE: $500 per classroom (up to 30 students per class) 3 sessions (60 minutes each)

Moving Stories: ALL AGES
Dancers from Louisville Ballet take the audience on a journey into the world of dance through a short ballet performance.

FEE: $700 (up to 200 students)
Assembly (60 minute program)

Day of Dance: ALL AGES
In collaboration with the classroom teacher, these specially designed workshops incorporate arts integration techniques along with other movement-based content.

FEE: $175 per hour
One Hour Movement Workshop

Behind the Scenes Tour of Louisville Ballet: 3rd – 12th Grade
Students discuss careers in the arts, visit the costume shop and watch Louisville Ballet dancers rehearse in this one-hour tour of Louisville Ballet’s Downtown Studios.

FEE: $5 per person (up to 30 students per tour)


A gym or multi-purpose room with a clean floor is required for all in-school programs. Due to the nature of our programs, classes cannot take place in a classroom. Teacher supervision and participation is required.

Class sizes are limited to 30 students, with the exception of the lecture demonstration program, Moving Stories.

In the event of a school closing, Louisville Ballet will make every effort to reschedule missed classes.

Programs conducted outside of a 30-mile radius of Louisville Ballet will incur an additional mileage fee.

For questions or more information, please contact us at (502) 583-3150 x 251 or by email at!