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This list reflects gifts made between May 1, 2022 and October 1, 2023 from those who have agreed to be recognized. Every effort has been made to ensure that those recognized in all categories are accurate. To request a correction, please email

Starr Society


Anonymous (2)
Brooke Brown Barzun and Matthew Barzun
Edith Bingham
Nina Bonnie
Christina Lee Brown
Ralph and Tammy De Chabert
Janet DenUyl
Victoria and Paul Diaz
Matthew and Lena Hamel
Paula and Frank Harshaw
James and Sara Haynes
Augusta Brown Holland and Gill Holland, Jr.
Peter Ashby Howard and Jody Howard
The late Dr. James B. and Mrs. Helen K. Longley
John Moore and Patti Pugh-Moore
Warwick Musson
Allison and Tom O’Grady
Sharon and Henry Potter
Carol C. Pye
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hunt Rounsavall
Ellen and Max Shapira
Leslie and John Smart
Julie and Chris Soluri
Mary and Bill Strench
The late Mary Rose Toebbe
James and Elizabeth Voyles
Jim and Marianne Welch
Martha and Kenneth Wertz
Buck and Josie Wiseman
Grace Wooding


Frances Dumbaugh
Shirley Dumesnil
Nancy Martin and Fred Hendler
James Pitt
Merry-Kay and Steve Poe
Richard Rinehart
Dr. Alan Roth
Carl and Ellen Thomas
Pamela and Paul Thompson
Jane Welch
Cheri and Jim Whelan
Lee and Rosemary Kirkwood


Laurie Allen
Erica Bachelor
Walter Clare
Lee Dorsey
Linda and William Ellison
Susan and William Grubbs
Dr. Mary Harty and Mr. James Harty
Helen Starr Jones
Lee and John Stough

Pointe Society

Joe and Sue Albrechta
Patricia W. Ballard
Miriam Ballert
Meredith Brown
David and Sonya Cook
Rev. John G. Eifler
Sandal H. Gulick
Carol Harper
Alfred and Anne Joseph
The Laney Fund
Greg Meiman
Regan and Matthew Nichols
Penelope Peavler
Sharon P. Pfister
Brenda Robertson
Marshall and Terrie Z. Sellers
Jamie and Alison Seward
Ali and Tyler Sharpe
Tyler Sharpe
Linda DeRungs and William Thompson
Joan Whittenberg

Corps de Ballet

Gwen Anderson
Richard and Patricia Arrington
Kathleen Berger
Lisa Biddle-Puffer
Machiko Bruzina
Alan and Sandra Bryant
Robert Cox
Bonnie Cress
Charles and Janet Dannaher
Dr. Jane Donovan and Dr. Walter Donovan
Sherry M. and Joseph Feldpausch
Ms. Peggy Fowler
Patrick Griffin
Albin B. Hayes, Jr.
Melissa Hincha-Ownby and David Ownby Jr.
Cheryl and Larry Hughett
Dr. Thomas Loeb
Fairleigh and Abby Lussky
Zach Wayne McClave
John McClendon
Lynn Meckler
Jonathan Moody
Debra and Ronald Murphy
Mary and Ted Nixon
Kent and Katherine Oyler
Mr. D.Patton Pelfrey
Mr. & Mrs. Junius W. Prince III
Janet W Rink
Karen and Farrell Smith
Jane and Ted Smith
Kenney and Cathy Snell
Mary Stites
Margaret Thomas
James R. Tompkins III
Linda and Christopher Valentine
Robert and Elizabeth Vaughan
William and Alice Walsh
Dr. Richard Wolf and Mrs. Mary Wolf


Ann Allen
Carol Barr Matton
Dr. Brian Berger
Troy Bowers
Debrha Brock
Jamie and David Calzi
Eleanore Carter
Bill and Julie Churchill
Robert and Kathleen Daniels
David and Marcia Dorman
Farrah Ferriell
Moira C. Fiedler
Leslie and Gregg Fowler
Julie and John Gragg
Claudia Grillo
Roger and Karen Hale
Kathy and Noel Hall
Anne and Mike Hampton
Mary and Thomas Hardin
Samuel F. Hodges
Kimberly Hutchison
Richard Johnson
Dr. Tracy K’Meyer and Glenn Crothers
Kentuckiana Suzuki Strings
David and Karan Knight
Susan Hamilton and Ed Krebs
Christopher and Alicia Krieg
Kate and Allan Latts
David Lipp and Laura Metzger
James D. Ludwig
Stanley and Sally Macdonald
Rachel Mahoney
Hideo and Marysol Makimura
Jennifer A. Moore
Lue and John Peabody
Donna Moser Peak
Ebonie Pittman
Katy Rahla
Tina and Geoff Schnuerle
Izabella Smith
Courtney Smock and David Rowland
Kate and Lee Tucker
John and Inez White
Donald Whitfield
Nicholas Wilkerson
Eleanor Wilson
Mary and Orme Wilson
Ashley and Andrew Noland
Ann Zimmerman


Sarah Acland
Meg Adams
Sandy Adams
Julien Agnew
Katherine Alaks
Starr Peters and Jesse Alford
Marguerite Allen
José Almaguer
Patty Anderson
Latara Appleby
Kelli Archer
Nikki Armstrong
Kameron Atkinson
Emmarose Atwood
Isolde Aubuchon
Richard Badaracco and Jo Lawless
Ruby Badaracco
Courtney Baird
Dr. Crump W. Baker and Dr. Alta M. Burnett
Geraldene Bannister
Kim Barber
Joe Bargione
Ariane Barrie-Stern
Beverly Barringer
Michael Bennett
Debbie Berry
Lee Purcell Best
Katherine Biagi-Rickert
Beth Bishop
Patrick Bisig
Michelle Black White
Jennifer Blair
Nathan Bland
Randy Blevins
Ada and Kenneth Boatright
Victoria Boggs
Kate Dobbins Bonner
June and Thomas Brady
Linda Ford Braun
Joyce and Edward Bridge
Doris Bridgeman
Jacqueline Brill
Bart Brown
Kevin Brown
Hans Bruehl
Rachel Bucio-Grote
Nancy Buechler
Laura Burke
Rhonda Burks
Courtney Burnett
David Burton
Beth Bussell
Jamie Jarboe and Douglas Butler
Charles F. Callihan
Michael Campbell
Valerie Campbell
Christine Carrigan
Thomas Carson
Ralph and Betty Cash
Joshua Castlen
Dr. Raymond Chastain
Belinda Chavez
Mike and Sue Chmilewski
Dr. Elizabeth Christoff
Julie Churchill
Suzanne Ciotti
Yolanda Clark
Denise Clayton
Dr. Jessica Clevenger
Irene Cohen
Danelle and Doug Colwell
Carole Concors
Paul Conner
Adrah Cook
Chase Cook
M. Neal Cooke
Ezra Cooper
Gregory N. Corby
Linda and Frederic Cowan
Allan and Gretchen Cowen
Carter and Margaret Craddock
Elana Crane
Brian Creech
Dana Cross
David Crowley
Kristen Crumpton
Greg Cullison
Sharon Cundiff
Robert Curran
Amy R. Currie
Helen Daigle
Liesa Daly
Tim Daniel
Lexa Daniels
John and Alice Dant
Jenny Davis
John Dawson
Thomas Dearmond
Christopher Deaton
Lydia Deegan
JoAnna Dejean
Amy Delaney
Jen Deluca
Austin Desjardins
Ciara Devine
Shelley Dewig
Tedi Deitrich
Lucas Dixon
Patrick and Laurel Doheny
Jefferey Donnici
Clare Dougherty
John Downard and Mary Alexander
Rev. Katherine Doyle
Laurie Duesing
Rebecca Duncan
Eric A. Eatherly
Elise Elder
Mary A. Elder
Nick Elder
Dr. Quinn Silverleaf
Sebastian Eliot
James T. Engle Jr.
Jennifer Englert-Copeland
Ashley Erk
Erin and Mitch Evans
Erin and Mitch Evans
Susanna Evans
Mary C. Evers
Betty Everson
Sam Farmen
Debra Farmer
Ann Faurest
John Felton
Tony Ferry
Erika Finkle
Linda T. Fitts
Maureen Fitzgerald
Judge Paula Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Fitzgibbons and Danny Slaton
William Fleming
Paula Flispart
Connie Fondong
Eliot Frakes
Rob and Amy Frederick
Leanne French
Dr. Jamie Furlong-Dillard
Nick Gaglio, Sr.
Barbara Gamble
Amelia Gandara
Susan and Terry Gardner
Tara Gardner Perry
Adrianna and Robert Garrett
Gauss Family
Evelyn O. Gayhart
Cindy Gerlach
Margaret Gerstle
Dr. Erica Gettis
Steve Giacobbe
Robert Gieszl
Abbie Gilbert
Matt Gillum
Alex Gilmore
Stephanie Glasford
Linda and Stuart Goldberg
Jane Goldstein
Richard and Daneen Good
Lillie Graham
Scott Gray
Daniel Green
Claire Greenlee
Jim and Pat Greer
Teresa Greer
Maggie Griesbeck
Benjamin and Mary Groeschen
Yvonne Groves
Mary Beth Gulick
Kathy Gundersen
John and Rebecca Guthrie
Jennie Hahn
Andrea Halbert
Amy and Adam Haley
Marie Haley
Bill and Judy Haliday
Mark Hammond
Ms. Barbara Hardy
Sarah and Donald Harlan
Marcia Lee Harlow
Katherine Harney
Ida Harris
Dr. Michael Harris
Nancy Harris
Sloan Harrison
Matthew Hartlage
Chris Hartman
Jacqueline Hayden
Carol W. Hebel
Marty and Steve Hedgepeth
Mary Helfrich
Ingrid Hernandez
Mary L. Herrmann
Dr. Erin Herstine
Cara Hicks
Casey Hinkle
Tristan Hobbs
Justin Michael Hogan
Kathleen Hogan
Ivan Holden
Aubrey Holle
William Holton and Moriah Ogilvie
Marianne Hopewell
Jill Hoskins
Kelly Huber
Sheryl Huffaker
Jon Huffman
Judith and Brad Hughes
Jodi Hugues
James Inge and Catherine Gaglio Inge
Margaret Ivie
Shannon Jacobs
Beth Jacobson
Jill and Franklin Jelsma
Jim Gibson and Glen Elder
Alexandria Johnson
Alice Johnson
Amber Johnson
Christine and John Johnson
Kim Johnson
Sheridan Johnson
Danielle Jones
Lucy Jones
Sandra and Harry Kahne
Donna Kamas
Robert Kapfhammer
Elizabeth and Richard Kaukas
Lauren Kehr
Julia Kendrick
Keneseth Israel Preschool
Jameson Rose Tinsley
Jennifer King
Rowan Kirkpatrick
Alina Klimkina and Lon Hays
Gail Koach
Marilyn and Phillip Kohl
Dawn Koontz
Karen Koshewa
Ed and Angela Kowalski
Maggie Kowalski
Marcella Kragel
Kathleen Kronauer
Linda Labbadia
Charloptte Lail
Amy and Matt Landon
Julia Lang
Katherine Langan
Abigail Lare
Jordyn Lashley
Heather Lathan
Pete Lay
Lisa and Byron Leet
Ronald Lehocky
Brian Leist
Stephanie Letson
Stanley and Kathy Levinson
Rachel Lewis
Rylan Lewis
Lincoln Performing Arts School
Brooklyn Lopez
Michael Losavio
John Lovett
Bruce Lowe
David Reed and Catherine Luckett
Jo Parker Lynch and David W. Lynch
Joseph Lyons
Jama and Frank Mackin
Hassan Mahdav
Amy Manzella
Christopher Manzo
Dodi Mason
Beth Mathes
Elizabeth Mathes
Linda Mattingly
Nathan McAdam
Maureen McCall
Sydney McClure
Jennie McGee
Elizabeth McGinnis
Valery McMann
Talleri McRae
Holland and Tippi McTyeire
Kelly Meadway
Mary Beth Meagher
Kathleen Meffert
Lopa Mehrotra
Emma Melo
Randy Metzger
Scott Meyer
Gail A. Michael
Leslie S. Miguel
Angie Milburn
Cindy Miller
Robert and Marilee Miller
Sean Miller
Loren Bingham Mills
Teresa Mills
Carolyn Mitchell
Cecilia Ann Mitchell
Guy and Genevieve
Beverly Moore
Meredith Moore
Krista and Jeff Moran
Jill Morzillo
Beth Munnich
Pat and Adele Murphy
Randy Myer
Tammie Myers
Jessica Nantz
Jacob Voss
Pamela Nation
Karen and Ray Nethery
B. Travis Newman
Martha Newman
Skyler Nguyen
Katherine E. Nicholas and Wade Bailey
David Niehaus and Angela Koshewa
Anna Nigh
Jenny Nirmaier
Donald Norman
Sharon Nuss
Emily O’Dell
Briana O’Grady
Mary and Patrick O’Shea
The Obenaufs
David O’Connell
Anna Ogi
Dr. Naomi Oliphant
Brenda Ortiz
Keith and Kim Osborne
Will Ousley
Joanna Overstreet
Janthida Page
Jeanette Pawlowski
Margaret Peavy
Danielle Pelfrey Duryea
Dana Pelfry
Lynn Pereira
Thomas and Mary Peters
Katherine Peterson and Robert Redmon
James Peterworth
Rebecca and Brad Phillips
Anthony Piagentini
Rhonda and Michael Plunkett
Dr. Norman Pointer and Mrs. Susan Pointer
MaryAnne Potter
Kara Price
Lynne Priest
Scott and Molly Prince
Ann Ramser
June Ann Ramsey
Manraj Rangi
Audra Rankin
Stephanie and Harold Ranquist
Anthony Rappa
Angela Rea
Rita Recktenwald
Rachel Redden
Gingie Reisz
Nicholas Renn
Roy Reyes
Darlene Rich
Shelly Rich
Sandra Richardson and Don Keeling
Celeste Richter
Veronica Rife
Elijah Riggs
Veronica Riggs
Sandy Ringer
Amy Ritchie
Ann Roberts
Julia Roberts
Julie and Jonathan Roberts
Lynda M. Robertson
Miriam Robertson
Amy Robinson
Bryan Robinson
Tomas Rodriguez
Michael Rohner
Suzanne and Phillip Ronninger
Shahara Ross
Betty S. Rothwell
Bill F. Routh
Carrie Row
Javan Roy-Bachman
Ronald Rubin
Karl Ruttan
Chase Ryan
Colleen Ryan
Vernon Sandell
Dr. Mary Ann Sanders and Dr. Gregory Sanders
Sarah and Ross Sanderson
Daniel and Juanita Santos
Susan Schiller
Zenet Schissler
Lexi Schladenhauffen
Shirley Schneringer
Frances Schnuerle
Sheila Schroeder
Donna Schuster
Kateryna Sellers and Pete Lay
Elizabeth Senn
Laura Senti
Kayce Sexton
Charlynn Shapiro
Angela Shaw
Sari and Mark Shenkman
Cary and Cherie Shields
Jessica Shreve
Barbara Sigler
Andrea Griswold
Mel Simon
Janna Singleton
Jeremy Skaggs
Ashley and Nathan Smith
Debbie Smith
Dr. Leslie Y. Smith
Sarah Smith
William Smith
Gregory Smithkier
Brennan Sneed
Catherine Snyder
Mary Snyder
Tom and Sue Sobel
Casey Sokoler
Gary Sommer
Aileen Song
Hyun-Gun Song
Paul Song
James and Nan Spalding
Laura Spaulding
Sheila Spencer
Shelby Nicole Spencer
Laura Spragens
Sean and Colleen Stafford
Terry Stanton
Clare Starling
Dr. Victoria Statler
Curtis Stauffer
Arthur Stein
Robbie Steiner
Alison and Bill Stemler
Kama Stigall
Cara Stoess
Bailey Stone
Ted and Joan Stone
Jessica Stone
Gordon and Catherine Strauss
Cady Q. Stribling
Ryan Strickland
Deanna Stroud
Brian Strunk
Brian Strunk
Jack Sutton
Miyako Tachibna
Jan Taktin
Kim Taylor
Liane Taylor
Leigh-Anna Terry
Rachel Terry
Amy Tevlin
Andrew Thiesing
Alex Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Carol K. Thompson
Greg Thompson
Dr. Joseph Thompson and Ann Thompson
David Thurmond
Ashley Thursby Kern and Harald Uwe Kern
Linda Tiller
Gavin Tolle
Lacey Trautwein
Todd Traylor
Gretchen Treitz-Martin
Jenna Trumm
Gwathmey and Ginny Tyler
Vicky Tyree
Vince Ulmer
Ben Van Meter
Denisha Vaughn
Phillip Velinov and Natalia Ashikhmina
Ellen Venhoff
Jane Vetrhus
Eddie and Carol Vetter
Inta K. Voight
Penny Von Allmen
Steve Von Gerlachter
Melanie Wachsman
Harold Wainwright
Nicci Waldschmidt
Amy J. Walker
Kennisha Walker
Tyler Wallace
Shanna Ward
Julia Warfield
Suzanne M. Warner
David S. Weaver
Mark and Judith Webster
Daniel and Sally Weinberg
Merleta Weisert
Niles Welch and Ann Waterman
Amy Wells
John and Marilyn Werst
Mary Jo Wetzel
Kay Whelan
Carole and Larry Whitledge
Susan H. Wilburn
Janelle Wilhelm
Kay Wilkinson
Angela Williams
Mary Beth Williams
Nicole Williams
Denise Wilson
Laurel Wilson
Nicholas Wolf
Nikki Wolf
Kimberly Wolford
Nancy and Thomas Woodcock
Emily Woodhouse-Bliss
Kathryn Wright
Anne and Edward Wunsch
Christine Wyrrick
Michelle and Kenneth Yeargan
Judith and John Youngblood
Kirk Zaine
Eve Zartman-Ball
Julie Zoeller

Relevé Society

Abbie Gilbert
Alice Johnson
Amelia Gandara
Brian Strunk
Claudia Grillo
David Thurmond
Denise Wilson
Emmarose Atwood
Harold Wainwright
James Pitt
Jo Lawless
Joseph Lyons
Julie Soluri
Justin Michael Hogan
Kim Taylor
Marianne Hopewell
Mel Simon
Pete Lay
Sonya Cook

Arabesque Society

Anonymous (5)
James and Elizabeth Voyles
Jamie Jarboe and Doug Butler
Lee Purcell Best
Leslie and John Smart
The late Betty J. and David Mills
The late Dr. James B. and Mrs. Helen K. Longley
The late Elaine Bornstein
The late Mary Rose Toebbe
Walter B. Clare


Ashley Rountree and Associates
Carmichael’s Bookstore
Cerity Partners
Crumbl Cookies
Donald G. Wenzel Jr and Ronald L. Darnell
Duplicator Sales & Services – Official Office Technology Provider
Eurotard Dancewear
Frontier Enterprise
Frost Brown Todd
Greenbaum Bingham
Heaven Hill Brands
Heritage Wine and Spirits
Highland Cleaners
John and Leslie Smart
Joseph Frasnelli
KORT Physical Therapy
Mari Organized
Nanz & Kraft
Olmsted Parks Conservancy
Sherwin Williams
Tandem Public Relations
United Direct Solutions – Official Partner
Vivid Impact


November 11-14 2021
The Brown Theatre
Choreography by Robert Curran
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchakiovsky

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The Brown-Forman Nutcracker

December 11-23, 2021
Whitney Hall, Kentucky Center
Choreography by Val Caniparoli
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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January 12-22, 2022
Louisville Ballet Studios

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Spotlight Series: Impressionism to Jazz

March 3-5, 2022
The Brown Theatre
A mixed repertory evening featuring:


Choreography by George Balanchine

Music: "Pelléas et Mélisande" + "Shylock" by Gabriel Fauré

In G Major

Choreography by Jerome Robbins
Music: "Piano Concerto in G Major" by Maurice Ravel

World Premiere Work

Music by Louisville-based Jazz Composer and Musician, Dick Sisto

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Sleeping Beauty

March 31 - April 2, 2022
The Brown Theatre
Choreography by Adam Hougland
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchakiovsky

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