March 31- April 2, 2022 | The Brown Theatre
World Premiere

Choreography by Adam Hougland | Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Scenic Design by Marion Williams | Costume Designs by Alexandra Ludwig | Lighting Design by Jesse AlFord


Working alongside frequent collaborator and scenic designer Marion Williams, Louisville Ballet Resident Choreographer Adam Hougland brings a vibrant, reimagined vision to this ballet classic – an all-new production inspired by stylized mid-century glamour, and mixed with a dash of humor and fairy-tale romance.


Prologue – The Christening
The palace of the King and the Queen bustles with excitement as final preparations, as directed by their Master of Ceremonies, are made for the christening of the infant Princess Aurora. The Queen joyfully introduces her only child to the court as they wait for the most important fairies in their kingdom to arrive. Each one – Wisdom, Prosperity, Patience, Laughter, and Confidence – joins the celebration, all led by Lilac Fairy. The fairies are welcomed as godparents and offer each of their qualities as magical gifts for the child. Just as the Lilac Fairy begins her blessing, Master of Ceremonies realizes with horror that he forgot to invite Carabosse, one of the most powerful fairies. An angry Carabosse and his gang soon arrive to curse Aurora with death on her sixteenth birthday The Lilac Fairy drives Carabosse and his gang away, countering his curse with the gift of her protection.

Act I – The Spell
It is Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday and four Princes have come to woo her. During the festivities, a hooded figure approaches the Princess, giving her a bouquet of dark flowers that conceals a spindle. While dancing with the bouquet, Aurora pricks her finger, cries out, and drops to the ground as if dead. The hooded figure reveals himself as Carabosse and the spindle as his instrument of death. The Lilac Fairy fulfills her promise of protection, suspending Aurora and the entire palace in a spell of sleep. She magically grows a forest to conceal the palace, with fairies of the trees there to protect them.

Act II, Scene I – The Hunt
One hundred years have passed. A young Prince Florimund finds himself at a pub, hoping to find true love during a night of speed dating. Encouraged by his “friend” (a thinly disguised Carabosse), he still finds himself lovelorn and in search of his one true love. The bartender observes the Prince, and we soon discover that she is the powerful Lilac Fairy.

Act II, Scene 2 – The Vision
The Lilac Fairy, believing the Prince to be the key to awakening Aurora, leads him through a vision in the forest of Fairy trees where he falls in love with the Sleeping Beauty.

Act II, Scene 3 – The Awakening
Prince Florimund follows the Lilac Fairy to where Aurora is sleeping. After a last battle with Carabosse, the Prince awakens her with a kiss. The entire kingdom awakens with her to rejoice that the Prince and Aurora have found true love.

Act III – The Wedding
All the court is gathered for the wedding of Prince Florimund and Princess Aurora. Fairytale characters perform for the bride and groom, and finally, the whole assembly joins together in dance. The Lilac Fairy appears once again to bless the marriage, and the Prince and Princess begin their lives together, beautifully.