Frequently Asked Questions:  Online Registration / Customer Portal


Receiving an error message when attempting to log in to your portal?

This is not an issue with the Jackrabbit portal; rather, it is a setting in your browser on that particular device that is not allowing the login or the ability to stay logged in. You may see a pop-up message informing you that your cookies are off, and that you will need to enable cookies in your browser to access the Parent Portal.

Jackrabbit was working fine – what changed?
When a third party browser software such as Explorer/Edge, Chrome or Safari does an update, it can sometimes reset the browsers cookie settings. Issues with cookies often surface when someone is using a mobile device (i.e., iPhone).  Phone Browsers force updates more often and more visibly.  With updates, Browsers may reset cookie settings and new problems surface as a result.  Suddenly they can’t use Jackrabbit or Jackrabbit apps on their mobile device until they allow cookies again.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are used when you search for something on Amazon, then later see an ad for that same thing on Facebook. This is because your web browser stored a cookie about your interests, then Facebook applied that cookie to get your attention with an ad.  You have probably seen Zippy follow you around the internet…. that happens because you are visiting Jackrabbit a lot!

Why are cookies important for Jackrabbit?
A lot of Jackrabbit’s functions utilize cookies to remember how the customer uses the database. Jackrabbit’s primary use for cookies is to store a session ID that tells the site who the user is each time they navigate to a new page. Because Jackrabbit uses cookies to verify the session ID on every page, the user cannot get past the login screen when cookies are disabled. They enter their information, click login (on Parent Portal OR Jackrabbit itself) and then a screen comes up saying that their session has timed out. In other words – Jackrabbit was unable to verify they were in a live session.

Here are suggestions to enable your cookies…

From your browser, do an internet search for instructions on how to reset cookies specifically for the browser that you use.  For example, search on something like “resetting cookies in Safari”  “enabling cookies in Edge” “enabling cookies in Google Chrome.” There will be a wealth of information returned to you specific to your browser and device. Once the cookies are enabled you may also need to clear your cache or web browsing history. This should resolve your issue!

How do I sign in?
Visit the Customer Portal page and enter the Email Address we have on file for you and your Password, then click the Sign In button.  If your family has never registered for classes before, please use our Online Registration Form to create your account.

I don’t know (or forgot) my password.  What do I do?
Click the link for I don’t have or don’t know my password. in the Customer Portal.

Will I receive a receipt and confirmation of my registration?
You will receive a confirmation of your registration(s) upon submission.  You will also receive an email receipt when your payment has been reviewed and processed by the Registration & Enrollment Manager.

When will my payment be processed?
Registrations and payments must be approved prior to processing.  Credit card and e-check payments will automatically be charged per the Payment Plan selected when reviewed and processed during business hours by the Registration & Enrollment Manager.  Please allow approximately 24-48 hours for payments to be processed.  If you think there has been an error in your registration or payment, please contact us immediately.

How much will I be charged upon registration?
Registrations must be accompanied by a tuition installment or payment in full.  Tuition and fees will be approved prior to processing by the Registration & Enrollment Manager,  Your payment total will take into account all class tuition, registration fee of $30 per family, Student Showcase fees (if applicable) and Installment fees (if applicable).  The payment amount will be assessed according to the payment method and payment plan options you selected during the registration process.  Any pertinent discounts or adjustments to the catalog pricing will be assessed in processing.

If you need assistance in calculating your tuition and fees balance, please contact the Registration & Enrollment Manager.  You can also review your account or modify your payment method by logging into the Customer Portal.  If you think there has been an error in your registration or payment, please contact us immediately.

We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to email us at with any suggestions you have for improving our site.