Performance Opportunities

Louisville Ballet's Production of The Brown-Forman Nutcracker

Students of The Louisville Ballet School, ages 7-18 within the height range of 3’10” – 5’4″, have the opportunity to audition for children’s roles in this magical production. This is a chance for young dancers to be a part of a long-standing Louisville holiday tradition and to rehearse and perform alongside the professional dancers of the Louisville Ballet.

Audition information and registration information is available at

Spring Dance Festival:

The Spring Dance Festival is The Louisville Ballet School’s opportunity to open our doors to the community. The story ballet within the festival is the main stage feature performance designed especially for the students of The Louisville Ballet School. Performers discover the art of storytelling through dance while sharing in the traditions of the full-length classical ballets. Being a part of the Spring Dance Festival gives students the opportunity to show the skills learned in ballet class on stage, see the other levels of the school, build self-confidence, and have a lot of fun! The story ballet is the one opportunity a year for every level of our school to share the stage and work together. 

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STORY BALLET (Classical Ballet I-IX & Pre-Professional 1-6)

Our annual story ballet is created especially for the students of The Louisville Ballet School in the Classical Ballet & Pre-Professional Programs. Performers discover the art of storytelling through dance while sharing in the traditions of the full-length classical ballets. Spring Dance Festival dancers attend regular rehearsals in addition to his/her regular classes. The rehearsal process will culminate in a week of performances at The Brown Theatre.

Classical Ballet IV – IX Early Bird Registration Deadline
: September 2, 2023 ($20 Discount)

Classical Ballet IV – IX Final Registration Deadline: September 10, 2023 ($195 Fee)
Classical Ballet I – III Final Registration Deadline: January 13, 2023 ($175 Fee)
Please note: Pre-Professional Program students are automatically enrolled as part of their performance requirement with the Early Bird rate.


Classical Ballet VI & VII-IX Repertoire

Upper Classical Ballet Program students (levels VI –  IX) who register for Classical Ballet Repertoire will perform two works during the 2022-2023 school year. Performances include LBYE Fall Showcase in the fall semester and Spring Collection as part of Spring Dance Festival in the spring semester. Please note, the registration deadline for CB Repertoire performance opportunity differs from other Spring Dance Festival deadlines due to choreography for this piece beginning early during the Fall Semester with weekly rehearsals. CB VI-IX students enrolled in Classical Ballet Repertoire will have a weekly rehearsal on Tuesdays, 7:45 – 8:45 pm.

Spring Collection Fee
: $90, per semester (includes weekly Repertoire class and performance opportunity, fee is not waived by additional performance enrollments)
Registration deadline: August 29, 2023


Complementary Program

Spring Collection features students in a wide range of dance styles offered in the Complementary Program (elective classes including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern). Dancers will learn choreography during their Complementary Program class time that will be presented on stage as part of the Spring Dance Festival. Spring Collection rehearsals for Complementary Program classes will be made available as they are scheduled.

Spring Collection Fee
: $90 (Early Bird Rate is $75 for registering before January 2, 2023)
Registration deadline: Monday, January 16, 2023
If the student is also registered for the Story Ballet, the additional Spring Collection fee is waived.


Petite Finale is a showcase of our youngest students’ achievements. This informal showing gives our Creative Movement 1, Creative Movement 2, & Pre-Ballet students of the Children’s Program a performance experience, allowing them to share what they have learned throughout the year without the stress and anxiety of a traditional recital.


Petite Finale Fee: Complimentary! Families and friends of our Petite Finale performers will be responsible for paying a ticket fee to attend, but no performance fee will be assessed. At least one parent/guardian per dancer is required to purchase a ticket to escort their dancer while at the theater.
Registration deadline: March 31, 2022


This performance showcases the Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble and Louisville Ballet Studio Company, featuring excerpts from classical ballets as well as neoclassical and contemporary​ ​world premiere ballets choreographed by​ ​Louisville Ballet company dancers,​ The Louisville Ballet School faculty, and Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble members. This program serves to enrich the artistic growth of each young dancer as well as delight audiences. This annual performance marks the final performance for LBYE season.

Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble Presents...

Fall Showcase

This annual performance marks the LBYE’s first show of the year. At the end of the Fall Semester, the Downtown studios will come to life with a blend of original choreography and beautiful classics. The Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble offers patrons and parents the chance to see this wonderful performance in an intimate setting. 

Ticket sales and proceeds will support LBYE expenses for the RDA/SE Festival this Spring! Click here to learn more about the Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble