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Welcome to our reference library for dancers beginning pre-pointe and pointe work!

We highly recommend The Perfect Pointe Book by Lisa Howell, and have included some of her resources below to guide you with the most commonly asked questions about pointe work.

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Classical Ballet Program Level V: Pre-Pointe Upon registering for Classical Ballet Program Level V, please purchase your pre-pointe shoes from Kinney Dancewear.  The special shoe you will wear for this class is specially designed to help you transition from working exclusively in a soft ballet shoe to a shoe with a more structure like that of a pointe shoe.  Call ahead to be sure that they have your size before making a trip to the store. Bloch Tensus Demi Pointe Shoe The Demi Pointe is a transitional shoe from the ballet flat to the pointe shoe. The Tensus Demi Pointe features an adjusted pointe shoe box construction, which is softer but still allows the dancer to experience the feel of a pointe shoe. The insole and outsole work together to provide the correct amount of resistance needed for foot and ankle strength development. The padded insole cushion provides extra comfort. This demi pointe shoe is not designed for work en pointe. Your pre-pointe shoes will fit snugly, similar to your soft ballet shoes.  When being fitted, you will notice however that the shoe may feel more restrictive than your soft shoes.  This is normal and to be expected!  As long as there is no sagging of the fabric around your foot, you may begin sewing on the ribbons and elastics prior to your first class. The dancers should do the sewing...parents are asked to be available to assist, but the process of learning to sew her own shoes is an important part of a young dancer's training.  
Pre-Professional Program Level 1 and Classical Ballet Level VI Please do not purchase your first pair of pointe shoes prior to the start of the school year. Information regarding a scheduled pointe shoe fitting during the first weeks of class will be distributed at the beginning of the fall semester. On a specific date and time designated each year, Classical Ballet Level VI and Pre-Pro Level 1 ladies and their parent(s) will meet at Kinney Dancewear to fit and purchase your first pair of pointe shoes. One or two of your teachers will accompany the class to offer advice and help with the fittings. The class outing will replace all regular technique classes on the selected day.

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