Balanchine ballet entails massive art work

By Elizabeth Kramer for The Courier-Journal March 31, 2016

Since last fall, artist Chris Radtke has been making white cloth boxes – hundreds of them – that would fit her body in a crouched position.

Radtke has made these boxes before as part of her ongoing series of installations called “Notes on Self.” Early on in the series in 2008, she represented the dimensions of her body using wooden boxes with tiny pieces of glass filling and spilling out of them but the next year, she moved on to using nylon fabric.

Those works intrigued Louisville Ballet artistic and executive director Robert Curran last year when he visited Radtke’s studios. The two began talking about how her work might be incorporated into a production of the ballet “Kammermusik No. 2” created in 1978 by New York City Ballet co-founder George Balanchine and set to music by German composer Paul Hindemith.

“She had fantastic ideas and an exhibiting body of work that also would work with the aesthetics of ballet. It all just came together,” Curran said. READ THE FULL ARTICLE