REVIEW- Louisville Ballet collaboration caps Kentucky Shakespeare’s season

Insider Louisville, Eli Keel- August 12,2016

“Shakespeare in Dance” caps off Kentucky Shakespeare’s 11-week season in Central Park with an impressive collaboration with another important local arts group, the Louisville Ballet.

The evening consists of three pieces, and while the first act is pleasing enough, with a stripped-down five-person “Othello” and the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet,” the real reason to brave the August heat is the premiere of of “William’s Folly,” a new 40-minute ballet choreographed by Louisville Ballet’s Roger Creel.

The piece attempts two monumental tasks: translating Shakespeare into dance, and taking the rambling, formless collection of sonnets composed by Shakespeare and creating some kind of narrative drive. Creel succeeds and, in the process, really establishes himself as a choreographer the ballet should put more time into developing. Read the Full Review