William’s Folly takes the Kentucky Shakespeare Stage

Louisville Ballet Performs In Central Park

By Kathi E.B. Ellis

Entire contents copyright © 2016 Kathi E. B. Ellis. All rights reserved. Originally appeared at arts-louisville.com

Collaboration continues to be in the air in the Louisville arts community. This time around it’s not just that Kentucky Shakespeare’s community weeks embrace both a musical and ballet, but that the Louisville Ballet week features a brand new work, William’s Folly, which brings together a selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets, original live music and new choreography. What a combination!

Roger Creel first embraced Shakespeare and dance with his Sonnets in Blue for the 2015 Choreographers Showcase. This time he is expanding on those ideas, and introducing live music, rather than using pre-recorded tracks.

Back in 2015 the performer of sonnets was Kentucky Shakespeare actor Tony Milder. Kentucky Shakespeare artistic director Matt Wallace saw a performance and reached out to the Louisville Ballet. Independently Scott Moore, a Louisville-based musician, had also reached out to the Ballet to indicate an interest in collaborating. All this eventually led to a meeting between Robert Curran, Roger Creel and Scott Moore.  Read the full Article