Louisville Ballet’s ‘Human Abstract’ is a challenging and multidisciplinary exploration of love

By Eli Keel for Insider Louisville

Curran wants the work to challenge both the audience as well as the dancers. “I’m so proud of the work, it’s so confronting — there’s no nudity and no overt violence — it’s just not conventional,” he says. “It’s going to be challenging.” He notes that challenging the audience can be a gamble. “I just hope a lot of people come to see it — it’s so important for Louisville Ballet to be doing new work, and I just hope the community doesn’t shy away from it because it’s something they don’t know,” says Curran. In addition to challenging the dancers with movement, Jervies also brings multiple disciplines to “Human Abstract.” Dancers will speak, sing and even play piano. “Theatrical devices are theatrical devices,” says Jervies. “Regardless of form, you are still in a big black box and you have to educate and entertain and stimulate your audiences.”

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