Press: A different kind of balance – The Ballet rebrands with the help of a Louisville icon


August 31st, 2017

When beloved a Louisvillian, artist Julius Friedman, began his ultimately fatal battle with cancer, he also was just starting on a collaboration with the Louisville Ballet, in conjunction with ad agency Mightily.

The project was a reimagining of one of Friedman’s most iconic images — the single pink point shoe in perfect balance on the tip of the soft white oval of an egg.

That image, like many of Friedman’s works, managed to convey so much more than shape, color or light. It conveyed balance, discipline and mystery — qualities the art form of ballet has embodied for more than 600 years.

Insider sat down with Louisville Ballet artistic and executive director Robert Curran and Mightily President Pip Pullen to discuss the reimagining of that piece, as well as Mightily’s work helping the ballet, now in its 61st season, rebrand in an attempt to bring more eyes and audiences to its art.