Press: Louisville Ballet Dancers Step into New Roles

By Jonathon Gregg  for Spectrum News 1

Louisville, KY – It’s more than dance, more than music and more than anyone envisioned.  From January 31st – February 2nd the Kentucky College of Art and Design in downtown Louisville is hosting a one-of-a-kind art installation.  A select number of dancers are stepping off the stage to choreograph interactive art exhibits.  In addition, these performers are working with visual artists from the community to enhance their vision.   “The dance, the choreography, the visual art, sometimes the environment, the installation, the setting, all those things have been blended together,” said Ezra Kellerman a professor at KyCAD.  Kellerman is helping curate the “Choreographers’ Showcase,” which has a soft opening Thursday.

This will not be the typical audience experience.  “Five different stages and we also have art galleries; we have food trucks and an outdoor bar.  We’ve got a lot of other spaces where you don’t even have to be interacting with the ballet and still be part of the whole experience,” said Michael Jones-Gomez from the Louisville Ballet.

Performances are selling out.  You can find ticket information and performance times by clicking here.