Press: How do you interpret love and loss? With neon lights, ballet dancers

By Caleb Weigandt for Courier Journal
February 15th, 2019

Love, isolation, heartbreak. You may think you have heard this story before in fair Verona, but you’ve probably never seen it quite like this. 

Spearheaded by esteemed choreographer and director Lucas Jervies , the Louisville Ballet  and Louisville Visual Art have teamed up to present a rendition of Jervies’ own “Human Abstract.” The sensual visual phenomenon gives a tale seemingly as old as time a fresh new perspective directly from the brilliant mind of Jervies.

While still very much left up to interpretation, the plot presents a coming of age story about “finding one’s self, finding love, and then losing both.” Taking inspiration from a number of sources, including Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Jervies’ and his team’s drama is “not a re-staging, but a new investigation of what we explored in 2017,” when the production was first staged in Louisville.