Press: Louisville Ballet set to explore LGBTQ stories in upcoming performance

By Christina Mora for WLKY

February 21,2019

An upcoming show at Louisville Ballet is set to explore stories of the LGBTQ community. Ahead of the opening, the company published an open letter on social media against any anticipated hatred or prejudice.

“I really looked at my own personal struggles, and coming out to my parents, and growing up in a country town and dealing with, ‘Am I masculine or feminine,'” said Choreographer Lucas Jervies.

Jervies said many of the themes from this year’s Human Abstract show come from his own life. He said the story is told through a gay lens, but the struggles are universal.

“Dance or art is of the times, so it needs to speak to what’s around, and this has been bubbling in the community for quite some time, forever really,” said Jarvies.

Louisville Ballet recognizes the divisive nature or potential controversy surrounding the show. So the company published what it called “an open letter against hatred and prejudice” on social media and in the LEO Weekly.

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