Press: Louisville Ballet + Lexington Ballet Present Historic Collaboration

By The Voice-Tribune

October 9th, 2019

It’s an event of athletic prowess that rivals others – by leaps and bounds. In a historic collaboration that unites two cities, Lexington Ballet and Louisville Ballet come together for the first time in United State of Dance!

Although the two cities may be rivals, at the end of the day, only one thing matters: the kids. Five dollars from every ticket will be donated to DanceBlue, and attendance to this event will be worth three Spirit Points for DanceBlue participants.

Sally Martin, DanceBlue overall chair, said: “The kids who spend most of their lives at the DanceBlue clinic matter. The kids who don’t get to go to school matter. The kids who miss birthday parties, vacations, sleepovers and days at the playground matter. The kids who still laugh with a smile on their face despite cancer staring right at them matter.”

Through this collaboration, both companies hope to bring a divided state together to be part of the healing power of dance.