PRESS: With Extra Time And A Desire To Help, Louisville Designers Shift Focus From Costumes To Face Masks

By Stephanie Wolff for 89.3 WFPL

April 6, 2020

The excerpt below is from a larger piece that details the work of many costume designers throughout the Louisville arts community.

Louisville Ballet staff dropped off more than 100 masks for TARC drivers recently.

The ballet’s wardrobe manager and costume designer, Alex Ludwig, and her team plan to make 700 masks.

“I ride TARC everyday and I know my bus driver on a first name basis,” Ludwig said. “It’s such an overlooked essential service. They’re so important. I mean, there’s nurses that ride the bus.”

Laura Douglas, acting co-executive director of TARC, said that they’ve been getting the word out to their drivers about the masks.

“Nationwide, we know that the masks that meet the strict health requirements are in demand among health professionals and others,” Douglas said. “The masks, of course, that we’ve received from the ballet do not meet those strict health standards, but they still provide the drivers with a measure of peace of mind and support.”

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