Moving Stories: An Introduction to Ballet for Young Audiences

In this assembly style program, Louisville Ballet brings the performance to your school! Dancers from Louisville Ballet’s Studio Company take the audience on a journey into the world of dance through a ballet class demonstration and a short ballet performance, along with an opportunity for select students to join the dancers on stage. Participants gain an understanding of ballet while learning how dance can tell stories and explore thematic concepts. In addition to the performance, educators receive a comprehensive Study Guide to enhance the experience for students.

Moving Stories 2023-2024 School Year Production:

Alice in Wonderland

Tour dates available:

April 15 – 19, 2024
April 22 – 26, 2024

Suitable for Grades PreK – 5th

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole as she adventures through Wonderland and meets an interesting cast of creatures and humans along the way.


Performance dates include two weeks in the spring 2024: April 15 – 19 & April 22 – 26. Two performances are scheduled for each day on the tour – one school in the morning and one school in the afternoon.

Performance Space

Gyms, cafeterias, large scale multi-purpose rooms or proper theaters are acceptable performance spaces for the program. Louisville Ballet does NOT move furniture, so the space must be properly prepared prior to our arrival, including the removal of any furniture (desks, tables and chairs). Louisville Ballet does NOT bring their own dance floor, therefore the floor needs to be cleaned (swept and mopped with enough time to dry) prior to our arrival.  

An ideal set-up could include:

 – Cleared gym floor or cafeteria space with dancers performing on one half of the room and students seated on the floor of the other half.
 – Cleared gym floor with dancers performing on the floor and students seated in bleachers.

Smaller stages at elementary schools are not large enough to accommodate the 10 dancers in the performance.

Louisville Ballet staff and performers need private access to the performance space for one full hour prior to the start of the show. Please be sure the space is prepped and ready by the one-hour mark and note that traffic through this space should be limited during that one hour window. 

Dressing Rooms

Two dressing rooms are required for the dancers, one for females (6 – 8 dancers) and another for males (2 – 5 dancers). These should be in close proximity to the performance space to allow for quick changes during the show. The dressing rooms can be informal spaces such as large closets or offices; they CANNOT be public restrooms or other shared spaces of the building. 


The in-school performance is $850 for an audience of approximately 250 students. If you would like more than 250 students to participate, we may be able to accommodate into one performance, or we may need need to split into two performances (for an additional fee). 

Payment and cancellations are due four weeks prior to the performance. After this deadline, performance reservations become a final sale, and your school is responsible for the full amount due. Adjustments are not allowed for student absences on the day of the show.


To request a performance for your school, please fill out our online form. Filling out the form will help Louisville Ballet determine the best scheduling option for your school. A staff member will follow up with you to discuss details and scheduling. 

Do you have questions about our Moving Stories Program? Send an email to or give us a call at (502) 583-3150 x227!


FREE Community Performance

Join Louisville Ballet at Louisville Central Community Center on April 21 for a FREE family-friendly performance of our Moving Stories Program! 

Virtual Performances

Louisville Ballet offers several virtual performances for schools. Find out more by visiting our Virtual Programs webpage.