Residencies and Workshops

Louisville Ballet offers dynamic movement programming for schools and community partners. As children are naturally kinesthetic learners, movement and dance is an excellent way of offering differentiated instruction to your students. The curriculum for all of our programs is based on the National Core Arts Standards in Dance and provide a high quality arts education for students and teachers. We are happy to work with schools and partners on specific needs and tailor our programming to integrate with other academic content. 

Programs Offered

Mighty Movers: Preschool & Kindergarten
Young learners explore their world through movement and play while developing language acquisition, sensory awareness, self-confidence, and building a strong foundation for life-long learning.

FEE: $750 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
5 sessions (60 minutes each)

Exploring Movement: 1st through 8th Grade
Students learn how to create, perform, and respond to various styles of movement in this week-long program that incorporates creative, social and folk dances.

FEE: $750 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
5 sessions (60 minutes each)

Dance Education Partnership: 1st through 8th Grade
Participants will create, perform, and respond to a variety of dance styles, as well as connect material to their academic coursework. The program includes a live dance experience with Louisville Ballet artists for a behind the scenes look at the performing arts.

FEE: $1500 per classroom (up to 30 students per class)
8 movement sessions (60 minutes each) + a live dance experience

Family Dance Workshop
Participants will build family bonds while getting active and learning some new moves. These specially designed workshops can be tailored to your specific ideas and interest.

FEE: $250 (up to 50 participants)
Workshop (60 minute program)

Before & After-School Programming: ALL AGES
Louisville Ballet is committed to bringing the very best of dance education and ballet programming to schools and community groups, tailored to fit the needs of your students.

FEE: Various 
Workshop or Residency format available

Virtual Programming: ALL AGES
Louisville Ballet has dynamic virtual programming to enhance students’ overall educational experience and support high quality arts programming for schools and community partners throughout the Greater Louisville area and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

To learn more or register, visit our VIRTUAL PROGRAMS webpage.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Louisville Ballet is a proud partner of the Fund for the Arts. The majority of our programs are eligible for 5×5 and TAG Grant funding.


A gym or multi-purpose room with a clean floor is required for all movement programs. Due to the nature of our programs, classes cannot take place in a classroom. Teacher supervision and participation is required.

Class sizes are limited to 30 students, with the exception of the Family Dance Workshop.

In the event of a school closing, Louisville Ballet will make every effort to reschedule missed classes.

Programs conducted outside of Jefferson County will incur an additional mileage fee.

For questions or more information, please contact us at (502) 583-3150 x 251 or by email at!