Review: ‘Giselle’ Offers Possible Glimpse of Louisville Ballet’s Future

Kathi E.B. Ellis at WFPL offers this review of Louisville Ballet’s performance of ‘Giselle’:

This week sees the beginning of a new era at the Louisville Ballet. Its 2014-2015 season kicks off with Giselle, the first production at which audiences will be able to begin to glean new artistic director Robert Curran’s aesthetic…

[Erica De La O and Kris Wojtera’s] reception at the end of the evening was rapturous. This popular pairing brought to the tragic lovers both a joie de vivre in the early scenes and a keening sense of grief in Act Two. De La O’s footwork in act one was clean and precise, giving a buoyancy to the discovery of a new love. Wojtera is able to embody both a princely demeanor and a sense of fun—with the latter winning over not only Giselle but the audience too, allowing us to connect with Albrecht (before we discover he’s actually engaged to another woman).

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