Review: Will Egypt Be Great Again?

By Keith Waits For August 1, 2019 As the twilight enveloped the stage in Central Park, I was aware of how a gentle breeze caught the gauzy fabric that adorned some of the dancers. It was a simple accent to the graceful movements, a small thing really, but we never get that effect onstage in … Continued

Review: Shattering The Space

Review by Samantha Morrison for March 2, 2019 Human Abstract opens with a conversation between a group of collaborators. The discussion is at times joyful and creative, at times aggressive and adversarial. It is a declaration of the intentions of the piece, creative experience with a different definition, one that will break the fourth … Continued

Review: In A Remarkable Choreographers Showcase, Louisville Ballet Continues To Innovate

By Kathi E.B. Ellis for WFPL February 2nd, 2019 This year’s Choreographers Showcase — #ChorShow — is a show that’s unlike any other program the Louisville Ballet has produced. It follows in the tradition of company members, and sometimes guests, creating new pieces of dance. There the similarities fade. This year’s show is in a non-traditional space; … Continued

REVIEW: The Louisville Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’ Continues To Shine

By Kathi E.B. Ellis for WFPL December 11th, 2018 This season marks the 10th anniversary of this iteration of the Louisville Ballet’s long-running tradition of presenting “The Nutcracker.” Brown-Forman’s initial support to create this still fresh-looking production, and ongoing support to ensure live music from the Louisville Orchestra, is one that stands the test of … Continued

REVIEW: Louisville Ballet’s Ambitious ‘Mozart’ Bill Raises The Bar

By Kathi E.B. Ellis for WFPL October 13,2018 The Louisville Ballet continues its Season of Romance with an ambitious bill at the Brown Theatre this weekend. Continuing the company’s commitment to including a different Balanchine ballet each season, “Divertimento #15” opened the evening. The balance of the evening was dedicated to two world premieres: “ស្នាមប្រឡាក់” … Continued

A review of Louisville Ballet’s ambitious “Mozart”

By Elizabeth Kramer for LEO Weekly October 13, 2018 Light and darkness defined the settings of the works in Louisville Ballet’s “Mozart” program that debuted Friday at The Brown Theatre, with George Balanchine’s opulent “Divertimento No. 15” providing the former and a new work by the company’s artistic and executive director Robert Curran working with … Continued

Review: Curran blows minds and Ragland flirts with Balanchine in Louisville Ballet’s ‘Mozart’

By Eli Keel for Insider Louisville October 12, 2018 Editor’s note: Reviewer Eli Keel was granted access to a dress rehearsal performance of “Mozart.” The Louisville Ballet’s October offering, “Mozart,” follows a pattern that is becoming familiar in the Robert Curran era. In an evening of three somewhat connected works, there will be one ballet … Continued

Review: Louisville Ballet’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’ presents a glittering and outrageous future

By Eli Keel for Insider Louisville September 7, 2018 Editor’s note: Reviewer Eli Keel was granted access to a dress rehearsal performance of “Romeo + Juliet.”  Adam Hougland’s ambitious new “Romeo + Juliet” — which premieres Friday, Sept. 7 — presents a glittering and outrageous future, both for its characters and hopefully for the Louisville … Continued

Review: Alex Enters The Wood

By Keith Waits for August 4,2018 A mysterious forest populated by magical creatures, a tale told to a younger more innocent character; the idea of a fable for today demands the melding of iconic tropes to a contemporary sensibility. Eli Keel’s Fabled Fragments is popping up once a month all around town, chapter by chapter. … Continued