REVIEW- Dance imparts emotion of The Bard’s sonnets

Courier-Journal, Elizabeth Kramer- August 11, 2016

For the first time, the Louisville Ballet danced an outside concert on the Central Park stage, illustrating the works of Shakespeare with enthralling new work – and some from their repertoire – by company dancer Roger Creel.

With “William’s Folly,” Creel took 22 of Shakespeare’s sonnets and organized them to form a story that contains the Bard himself, a young man with whom he is smitten, and a woman who has become known by Shakespeare scholars as “the dark lady” – he says her “eyes are nothing like the sun.”

Creel’s imagination has imprinted “William’s Folly” with an alluring production in which dance melds with Shakespeare’s sonnets recited by Kentucky Shakespeare company actors Tony Milder and Megan Massie and riveting Appalachian-inspired music provided by violinist Scott Moore and Charlie Patton.

“William’s Folly” presses many facets – dance, music and spoken word – to work. However, Creel’s vision and the performing artists finely weave together to create an ambiance that conveys the thrilling emotion of infatuation, the connection of intellects, the draw of sexual passion and a reeling sense of life and emotion that are ever-morphing and never still. Read the full Review