Louisville Ballet’s latest work is strong, often hypnotic | Review

by Elizabeth Kramer for Courier-Journal

Human Abstract,” the newest work by the Louisville Ballet that opened Wednesday at the Kentucky Center’s Bomhard Theater, isn’t just a ballet – it’s so much more.

Oh sure, it has rond de jambes – you know those circles that dancers make on the floor with one leg while standing on the other and steadying one hand on a nearby bar. (Kateryna Sellers does this during a party scene in Human Abstract.)

And there are plenty of beautiful lifts. But really, choreographer Lucas Jervies’ ambitious work – like so many memories in life – is an amalgamation of abstract yet expressive scenes. There’s Erica De La O belting out a great lip-synching performance of “Someday (You’ll Want Me to Want You)” to a recording by Della Reese. Roger Creel transforms into an adorable character a la the cartoon, Ren or Stimpy. and also plays some Chopin on a piano tucked into a corner of the stage.