Press: How do you interpret love and loss? With neon lights, ballet dancers

By Caleb Wiegandt for The Courier Journal February 15,2019 Love, isolation, heartbreak. You may think you have heard this story before in fair Verona, but you’ve probably never seen it quite like this. Spearheaded by esteemed choreographer and director Lucas Jervies , the Louisville Ballet  and Louisville Visual Art have teamed up to present a rendition of Jervies’ … Continued

Press: Louisville Ballet, KyCAD partner for unique performance

By Gina Glaros for WDRB February 1st, 2019 Louisville Ballet and the Kentucky College of Art and Design are partnering for the first time for a one-of-a-kind show that’s taking place Friday and Saturday. They’re hoping technology will play a role in satisfying longtime fans and attracting newcomers. The bitterly cold week didn’t keep Louisville … Continued

Review: In A Remarkable Choreographers Showcase, Louisville Ballet Continues To Innovate

By Kathi E.B. Ellis for WFPL February 2nd, 2019 This year’s Choreographers Showcase — #ChorShow — is a show that’s unlike any other program the Louisville Ballet has produced. It follows in the tradition of company members, and sometimes guests, creating new pieces of dance. There the similarities fade. This year’s show is in a non-traditional space; … Continued

Press: Free Kentucky Shakespeare Festival announces powerhouse 2019 season

By Kathryn Gregory for Courier Journal February 10th, 2019 This summer, the free Kentucky Shakespeare Festival will deliver 58 performances of seven different productions over a 10-week period. Sounds daunting, but for the thespians who make Shakespeare their craft, it’s all part of the plan.  “It’s not overwhelming at all,” Producing Artistic Director Matt Wallace said. He … Continued

Press: A Different Way Of Moving

By Staff for February 1, 2019 Color me delighted when not one, but two of Louisville’s long-standing performance institutions band together with an artistic institution, to create experiences that audiences aren’t familiar with. Earlier in the week, the Louisville Orchestra worked with the Kentucky College of Art + Design (KyCAD) to create an evening … Continued

Press: Bring your phone and come ready to explore at Louisville Ballet and KyCAD’s #ChorShow

By Eli Keel for Insider Louisville January 31st, 2019 The Louisville Ballet’s “Choreographers’ Showcase” is always one of its season’s most interesting offerings, with multiple choreographers trying out new work, often with a bigger and better trained group of dancers than they’ve worked with before. This year promises to be something special. Teaming with the Kentucky College … Continued

Press: Louisville Ballet Dancers Step into New Roles

By Jonathon Gregg  for Spectrum News 1 January 30, 2019 Louisville, KY – It’s more than dance, more than music and more than anyone envisioned.  From January 31st – February 2nd the Kentucky College of Art and Design in downtown Louisville is hosting a one-of-a-kind art installation.  A select number of dancers are stepping off … Continued

Press: Santa Gets the Light Show Treatment at the Holiday Laser Dome

By Jennifer Kiefer For Louisville Magazine December 21, 2018 Ryan Daly is a “laserist.” Translation: “One of my favorite things to do is sit around and click buttons on lasers,” he says. A few years ago, Daly, who founded the Louisville Film Society and the Flyover Film Festival, began transitioning from film to projection mapping … Continued

Press: A Q&A with photographer Sam English

By Jo Anne Triplett for LEO Weekly December 21, 2018 Sam English ( came to photography, to use his phrase, “later in life.” So, he dislikes it when people say that “they aren’t creative or don’t have ‘an eye.’ I bet otherwise. Pick up a camera and start taking pictures of something that interests you. … Continued