Stage + Studio, A Louisville Ballet Blog: “Words” by Annie Honebrink

Words are a haven. A rest for the soul. A release for the spirit. Healing for brokenness.   Words are power. Power to heal, soothe, forgive. Power to anger, rile, incite. Words can bring people to their knees—hurting, healing, rejoicing, rebuilding. Funny how sometimes the words not said are the ones that hurt the most. … Continued

Stage + Studio, A Louisville Ballet Blog: “Songs from the Past” by Annie Honebrink

Louisville Ballet dancer Annie Honebrink reflects on rehearsing for Choreographers’ Showcase and how it connects to her past. Blood. That’s what my dad calls his brother. Blood. Genes. Those imperceptible threads that link us together. Weave in and out. Around and through. Welding us together in that unbreakable chain, Family. We can run or hide. … Continued

Louisville Ballet Choreographers’ Showcase touches on Derby, immigrating to America, and ‘The Wasteland’

By Eli Keel for Insider Louisville Each year, the Louisville Ballet gives its dancers a chance to step to the front of the rehearsal room as they create new works for the company’s Choreographers’ Showcase. With the beginning of Robert Curran’s tenure as head of the company, the showcase has also featured a guest choreographer, … Continued