Inclusive Dance

About Inclusive Dance

The Louisville Ballet School’s Inclusive Dance Program offers ballet classes open to dancers of all abilities and needs.  Trained instructors utilize a variety of instructional techniques and accommodations within the studio to ensure that all students receive the highest quality instruction. 

Inclusive Dance offerings are designed to benefit each and every student as inclusion has shown benefits in social and communication skills as well as fostering an environment of acceptance and kindness for every child.

A strong education in dance has shown a variety of positive impacts on students across all populations by encouraging:

    • * Movement, creative activity, and sensory awareness
    • * Positive self image 
    • * Fine and gross motor development
    • * Sensory, visual, and auditory processing skills
    • * Established routines and managing transitions 
    • * Attention, cooperation, and impulse control
    • * Exploration, self-expression 

All classes in our Children’s Program (ages 3-6) as well as Classical Ballet levels I and II (ages 6-9) are fully inclusive offerings. We also offer our Intro to Classical Ballet (ages 9-12) and Teen Ballet (ages 12+). Please contact Amanda Rollins at to determine class placement or request additional supports for your dancer. 

Class schedule information posted is for the 2023 – 2024 School. Stay tuned for 2024-2025 scheduling information. Registration opens Friday, June 21, 2024.

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One Weekly Class $470 per semester ($117.50 per month with 4 Monthly Payments)

Class Day Time Instructor Location
Intro to Classical Ballet Monday 6:30 – 7:45 pm Amanda Rollins St. Matthews
Teen Ballet TBA TBA TBA St. Matthews


Dress Code

The student dress code maintains the tradition and aesthetic of classical ballet and allows instructors to see the full lines of the students’ bodies. As such, all students must wear the required uniform colors and styles.  View the Uniform Page for more detailed uniform requirements for each level. Required styles and colors are reasonably priced and will be available for purchase through The Louisville Ballet School.

Students enrolled in our Inclusive Dance Class are encouraged to wear fitted athletic or dance attire of their choosing.