Preparing for Class

Dance Bag Essentials

Students may arrive at the studio underdressed in their leotard and tights and/or other required dancewear. Make certain that students are properly dressed in street clothes over their dancewear. Dressing rooms for boys and girls designated by the students’ level are available for changing into and out of dance clothes before and after classes.

Students in the Classical Ballet & Pre-professional Programs, are to keep a notebook in class in order to record corrections, study ballet terminology, and set goals.

Sufficient hydration is important for dancers.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring a bottle of water to class and to make use of the water fountain as needed.

Students are expected to bring only their dance bags with dance shoes and accessories into the studio. Coats, street clothes, street shoes and school bags are to be kept in the dressing room during classes. Students may store these items in the lockers that are provided in each dressing room.


Other dancewear basics (tights, shoes, flamenco skirts, Jazz pants, etc) are reasonably priced and can be purchased at Kinney Dancewear & online at Discount Dance Supply. A percentage of all orders placed through Discount Dance Supply will benefit the Louisville Ballet School by using the Teacher Referral Program code “TP27451.”  Please visit our Dress Code Pages on Discount Dance Supply's website for images and examples of appropriate dance wear.

Parents are encouraged to monitor the fit and condition of all dancewear. Leotards, tights, and shoes that are too small or too large can interfere with technique. Severely small shoes can permanently injure a student’s feet, joints and back. Oversized garments and shoes can be dangerous and may cause injury. The instructor must check all shoes before elastics or ribbons are sewn.

Any clothing worn over the dancewear qualifies as a warm-up. Warm-ups make it quite difficult for the instructor to assess proper technique, placement and alignment. When necessary, warm-ups specifically made for ballet are the only additional dancewear permitted during classes. These items are snug and form fitting, like a leotard, allowing the instructor a clear view of the torso and spine.

All leotards, tights, skirts and dance shoes should be clean, neat, and labeled with the student’s first initial and last name in permanent, waterproof ink. 


Hair must be kept off the face and neck. All hair should be secured to the crown of the head with hairpins or bobby pins and a hair net. Long hair must be prepared in a neat bun secured with hairpins and hairnet prior to class time. Girls with very short hair should secure their hair with a band, held in place with bobby pins and/or clips, and should use hairspray or gel to prevent hair from becoming loose and falling in front of the face.  Headbands, hair pins or clips, and hairnets are to be the same color as the student's hair or the color of their uniform leotard.  Loose ponytails, braids, or unsecured buns are not permitted.

Ballet Bun Instructions 1. Brush hair to smooth and remove tangles toward the crown of the head.  2. Spray hair lightly with hairspray or gel. Smooth hair with hands into a ponytail (at the crown of the head) and secure with a thin cloth-covered elastic band.  3. Secure any loose hair with clips, pins and barrettes that match hair color, if necessary.  4.  Twist or braid hair, flattening tightly around the base of your ponytail as you go. For thick hair, divide ponytail into two sections for this step. 5. Wrap sections of twisted or braided hair around the elastic band and secure with hair pins or bobby pins as you wrap. Keep the bun as flat to the head as possible.  6. Place the hair net over the bun, twisting the net over the bun at least two times. Tuck ends of hairnet into the bottom of the bun and secure with pins.  7. Spray hair and bun with hairspray or hair gel to set. Smooth with hands or comb. The bun should be secure, and held tightly in place when the student moves her head. 

Be sure to check out our Ballet Bun Tutorial with Miss Brienne to perfect your bun!

No watches or jewelry may be worn except small earrings.

Coming to Class

Since young children often need to use the restroom or need a parent at a moment’s notice, we would appreciate it if parents could please remain at our studios during classes that are thirty minutes in length. St. Matthews Location: Parents and guardians are required to walk to the second floor and into our lobby to drop off or pick up their children. All students, regardless of their age and maturity, MUST wait to be picked up by their guardian in the front seating area where our receptionist is located. Downtown Location: For the safety and security of the staff and students, the Louisville Ballet Center building must remain locked after normal business hours. Please refrain from allowing entry to individuals whom you do not know personally.  If necessary, please contact a staff or faculty member to confirm that an unknown visitor is authorized to enter the building after hours. Please be punctual when picking up your child after class. Late pick-ups will be charged $25 for any portion of each hour that the parent is late. For the safety and health of the students, street clothing and shoes must be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.

Staying in Touch

Families are asked to provide an email address at Registration in order to expedite the delivery of important school information. Please add to your safe senders list or address book and check your email regularly to ensure you receive important school information in a timely manner. Students and parents are encouraged to monitor LBS update emails containing information concerning class changes, upcoming events, seminars, rehearsals, performances and other School-related information. When time permits, The Louisville Ballet School staff will make every effort to communicate urgent and important information via email blast. Please inform us of any changes in your email address. Social Media - be sure to follow us & stay connected with Facebook!  Parents please join the Parents' Connection private Facebook page.